Hell's Kitty (Vol. 1)

    Lost Angel in Los Angeles

    [asvc_flipbox_two direction=”flip-horizontal” title=”Kingdom Of Glee” front_desc=”Length: 3,625 Words

    The Kingdom of Glee & Other Poems, a compilation of children’s poetry that echoes the rhythmical tradition of authors like Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss. The compilation includes poems like “The Boy On The Moon”, about a boy who gets tricked into living on the moon so that the man on the moon can return to earth to eat a bowl of spaghetti; “The Happy Guy”, about a man who creates controversy because he is always smiling; and “Monster Tree”, about a father who helps his son face the fears of his imagination. It ends with “The Kingdom of Glee”, a tale of three towering monsters: Lethargos, Jealous, and Thoughtless, who are sent by the bitter King Wroth, to invade a harmonious kingdom in search of a gold that does not exist.” title_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”14″ back_title=”Kingdom of Glee – Excerpt 1st Paragraph)” back_desc=”There once lived a king, who was so kind and good

    That he ruled his fine kingdom as every king should.

    His name was King Gentle; his people lived free.

    His Kingdom was known as the Kingdom of Glee.” back_title_f_size=”18″ back_desc_f_size=”14″ back_box_color=”#ffffff”][asvc_flipbox_two direction=”flip-horizontal” title=”El Perdito” front_desc=”“El Perdito” is the story of the tiniest creature in the village of Los Olvidados, (which in Spanish means the forgotten ones), and his venture into the Enchanted Forest toward the great big mountain, where he learns about life, and death, and how to see through the eyes of the butterfly.” title_f_size=”18″ desc_f_size=”14″ back_title=”El Perdito – Excerpt (1st Paragraph)” back_desc=”Once upon a time in the enchanted forests of South America, there lived a tiny group of people so small that every other creature in the forest had forgotten that they lived at all. They had named themselves Los Olvidados (which in Spanish means the forgotten ones), because none of the other creatures in the forest remembered who they were or where they lived. This didn’t bother Los Olvidados, because they managed to help each other through life’s ups and downs, so that the days that passed under the sun were filled with fun and happiness.” back_title_f_size=”18″ back_desc_f_size=”14″ back_box_color=”#ffffff”]





    Nicholas Tana works as freelance writer of plays, screenplays, comic books, and children’s stories. He is the writer of the HELL’S KITTY comedy, horror web-series, comic books, and feature film starring his cat Angel and a host of iconic horror actors. He is also the writer of the Amazon Award Winning documentary film STICKY: A (SELF) LOVE STORY starring Janeane Garofalo, Nina Hartley, and Larry Flynt. In the past, he has worked as a journalist for  the International movie magazine Moving Pictures, and for the fashion magazine 944. His one act play, “The Nun, The Bum, And The Gun”,  has won both the Arts In The Park Award and the Short & NEAT 2000 Award.